Extra Drt Butter Unsalted (anchor)


Dry butter” is a term that French pastry chefs frequently employ, usually in regard to the cultured butter they use for laminated pastry. … That’s “wet” by European standards, where butter is more like 82% fat and 15% water



According to some pastry chefs,  that makes standard European butter “dry.”
Made using traditional methods, the Extra Dry Butter Anchor is ideal for making Viennese pastries and puff pastry.

Country of origin: New Zealand 

Did you know? :

  1. How does unsalted butter affect baking?

    2. If you’re baking a cobbler, you’ll most definitely want to reach for the unsalted butter. Here’s why: Most importantly: unsalted butter ensures that you can control the amount of salt you add to your cakes, cookies, and Fig and Almond Breakfast Cake. Different companies add different amounts of salt to their butter.


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