Cheese Cheddar White Blocks


This traditional British mild-bodied Cheddar is made with the finest milk and aged for at least 3 months. Because of its young age, it should have a subtle flavour.


About Cheese Cheddar White Blocks

The white cheddar cheeses will vary a bit in color – it depends on the time of year and how much fresh grass the cows are eating! There is no difference in taste when comparing white and yellow cheddar of the same age* – the only difference is the annatto food coloring.

Country of origin: UK

Did you know: Cheddar is the most well-known sort of cheddar in the UK, representing 51% of the country’s £1.9 billion yearly cheddar market.

Common uses:

1: tastes great when paired with walnuts and crusty bread. It adds a distinct flavor to the sauces. sandwiches, snacks.

2: A semi-soft Italian cheese that goes well with wine and can replace Mozzarella in baked recipes.

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Weight 1 kg

4 * 4.5 Kg appx.


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